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My problem is that I am not getting internet to my desktop (win7) anymore through my Switch.
My set up is an ethernet cord running from my router down to the basement, where i used to have it plugged into a Switch which supplied my PC and PS3 with internet. A few days ago i installed a hauppauge capture card driver, and after a restart ( coincidence or not) my PC no longer can get internet through the switch, However the Ps3 still does. If i unplug the switch and put the ethernet right into my PC it gets internet.
The error that I am getting is that there isnt a ethernet cord detected at all, the computer doesnt even think anything is plugged in. 
PS I checked under settings when i have internet, and i have a dynamic connection with IPv4 .
Any help on this at all would be greatly appreciated.

Please help.

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Please check hauppauge capture card and driver.Maybe you are using the old driver. Update drivers.